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Five tips to better alpine skiing

1. SEE AND BELIEVE | Visualize the ski run and feel it in your body. Imagine you’re making every turn and every jump.

2. FLOAT OVER THE CRUD | Often skiers think they have to muscle through crud (heavy wet snow that is unsuitable for skiing), but the reality is much different. Instead, lighten up and float over it. Hold your hands a little higher, get on the balls of your feet and shift your weight equal over both skis. This will help keep you off your seat as well.

3. SEE FUTURE, BE FUTURE | Even veteran skiers freak when their speed approaches the sound barrier and everything is coming at them so fast. Assuming you’re decent enough with your turns, quash this panic by focusing on what’s ahead. Look at skiers further downhill and as you approach them, adjust your focus to the next set of objects. . READ MORE

DID YOU KNOW?  Winter Sport in Canada – According to Stats Can, of the top ten most-played sports by the Canadian population aged 15 and over, only two are winter sports – hockey and downhill skiing. Hockey ranked second to golf, and downhill skiing ranked eighth, according to the Statistics Canada 2005 General Social Survey, Sport Supplement. The same study reports that while males vastly outnumber females in participation in ice hockey (25.9 to 4.2%), females slightly out-participate males in downhill or alpine skiing by 2.3%.

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Wood N’ Stream Endeavour –  $159 Built to last, the Endeavor 12” boots offer 2400 grams of 3M Thinsulate Ultra Insulation as part of Wood N’ Stream’s Cold Weather Series. They are waterproof, made with a  

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Discover the magic of the Algonquin Log Cabin

The Algonquin Log Cabin offers an intimate and cozy base to ski, snowshoe and dogsled. Located at Algonquin Park access point #1, the hilly terrain that surrounds the Log Cabin provides fantastic lookouts and is ideal for snowshoeing and backcountry skiing.

   Afterwards you’ll want to return for lakeside saunas and their famous regional appetizers served up fireside. With just six bedrooms, the Log Cabin comfortably accommodates a small group of up to 12. To book your adventure visit voyageurquest.com and for other great Ontario winter adventures visit ontariooutdoor.com.  READ MORE

I had expected our kids could play in the snow at a ski resort, but would have to wait until they turned three years old before their indoctrination into all things skiing. But my wife and I managed to get each of our children into the back-country for daylong ski touring long before their first birthdays. As you might imagine, they didn’t actually stand up on skis until . . .  READ MORE



construction and feature a feature a rubber sole which provides excellent multi-directional traction. Think of them as “all-terrain vehicles for your feet. Look for it at www.weinbrennerusa.com


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Skiing is a great family sport because it so easily allows multiple generations to have fun together. And after starting a family of my own, I realized just how early we could venture into the hills together.

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Backcountry skiing and the family

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