Winter picnic fun

A winter picnic is a great cure for cabin fever and a happy contrast to last summer’s beach outings and backyard barbecues. It’s easier than you think...

Across 160kms of Algonquin

Someone once said it’s not an expedition until something goes wrong, and going wrong happened early for us. Planning our January-February winter sled-...

Alpine skiing for beginners!

The ski hills in the region have all programs where you can sign up and get started. Choose a single or group learn-to-ski package to learn the basics...

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Get sweaty: 5 ways to workout without setting foot in the gym

Reasons I don’t like the gym: It’s expensive, it’s stuffy, I have to drive there, it’s full of bodybuilders, I can’t see the sun and when I ride a stationary bike, there’s no lookout point when I’m done.

So, two weeks after I joined my local gym, I quit. Maybe going to a gym works for you—after all, I did love all the variety of machines and access to heavy weights—but for me, it wasn’t the right fit. I prefer the fresh air on my skin after a sweat session, and being able to focus on elevation gain instead of the calories-burned number on the treadmill screen. So if you’re like me and you prefer to join Nature’s gym, here are five ways to get fit without ever stepping foot in a locker room: READ ON

How to start a fire in the woods, even when it’s wet. 

   One a bone-dry day or when there’s plenty of dry paper or fire-starter, anyone can make a fire. If the weather deteriorates to a persistent rain, they might get smoke. But that’s no guarantee they’ll get fire. Here’s how you can make a fire when the woods are wet with rain. READ ON




First, some background.

Picture Controls (that’s Nikon’s name for it) or Picture Styles (for the Canonistas) are applied to every picture you take.  The RAW photo coming off the sensor lacks contrast, sharpness, and color saturation.  In fact, it’s downright ugly.  Your camera applies these adjustments to each picture to pretty it up for you. I have never worried myself with setting the Picture Control because I ALWAYS shoot in RAW.


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