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Matching bezel and strap adds a hit of colour to this dive watch. Case is rugged 316L stainless steel. Shorter bands fit slender wrists well. Accurate quartz analogue movement. Luminous hands are visible in deep/dark places. Rotatable bezel for timing. Look for it at www.mec.ca

Wilderness survival 101

Rita Chretien’s odyssey

   Some people who are lost in the forest perish even though their pack is jammed with everything they need for survival. Wilderness guides have died after a weekend lost in the bush while a four-year-old has endured near-identical conditions for days until rescued.


  This issue of Ottawa Outdoors Magazine begins a series called Wilderness Survival 101 examining this kind of question. Each column will feature a single true survival story or several short ones on a single theme. We’ll explore what went right, what went wrong, and what decisions . . . READ ON

introduce a family to the joys of hiking.

   With some peaks strung out in a line, it’s possible for hikers who love to bag peaks to add three or four 46ers to their count in one day.

   Our kids read Patricia Ellis’s Up: a Mother and Daughter’s Peakbagging Adventure, about the adventures with her five-year-old daughter in New Hampshire’s mountains . . .  READ ON


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Lake Placid in the heart of the Adirondacks is just a few hours from Ottawa, with three-season hiking from Easter until Thanksgiving. With 46 peaks higher or close to 1,200 metres nearby, this is an amazing place to 

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DIDYOUKNOW?  To carb or not to carb? Eat them. You need them. The Dietitians of Canada say that cutting carbs might help you lose weight in the short term, but that’s because you are eating less food and fewer calories. Drastically cutting carbs means you’ll miss out on the nutritional benefits of whole grains, fruit, starchy vegetables, and legumes. Stick to Canada’s Food Guide and frankly, you can’t go wrong. And if you’re working out a lot, you need the fuel that carbs give. How much is enough depends on intensity of exercise.

Ride the urban jungle

19th-century insect repellants worth a try

   Pioneers and aboriginal people faced a ferocious bug problem and they harnessed nature itself in their battle against bites. So now is the time for 19th-century wilderness lore that could cut down on the need to spray dangerous insect repellant onto 21st-century skin.

   Garlic Magic | Pioneer gardens all grew garlic, and not only for the spark it provides for bland food. Mosquitoes and ticks hate this lovely plant.

   Though some back-to-nature . . . READ ON


By Andrew Westwood | Photos by Paul Villecourt


The tandem on-side turn uses the following four stroke sequence to turn the canoe to the bow person’s on-side.


Bow: Forward stroke. Stern: Forward stroke. Both paddlers tilt the canoe toward the inside of the turn.


Bow: Forward stroke. Stern: Stern draw to initiate the turn. Both paddlers continue to tilt the canoe toward the inside of the turn.


Bow: Forward stroke. Stern: Stern draw to initiate the turn. Both paddlers continue to tilt the canoe toward the inside of the turn.  . . . READ ON

How to do it safely

   If you want to boost your social and recreational bike riding into the work commute or just errands around town, give some thought to the challenges – it’s a different and sometimes scary world in traffic than on a secluded bike paths.

   So choosing your route with care is a good place to start. Google Maps can be tailored for cycling to make it easier to find bike lanes to get onto Laurier Avenue’s segregated bikeway, to connect with off-road bike paths. READ ON

Hiking the Adirondacks with kids